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What Is Crown Weather Plus? It is a weather subscription service for anybody with an interest or need for accurate and timely weather information. This includes forecasts for the formation of tropical storms and hurricanes up to two to four weeks in advance. In addition, we also provide forecasts to warn you where any tropical storms or hurricanes may track and what sort of impact they could have. This information will allow you to be prepared well in advance of any approaching tropical storms or hurricanes.

Why Should You Subscribe To Crown Weather Plus? It’s simple. We are personal, interactive, dedicated and experienced. We are not a giant weather corporation; just the opposite, we are a small weather service who will give you something that is valuable and potentially live saving.

Our Commitment With You, The Crown Weather Plus Subscriber, is to provide a top notch, value added weather service, which meets or exceeds your expectations.

A subscription to Crown Weather Plus INCLUDES:

Tropical Weather Updates: Frequently issued and includes information on potential tropical storm formation, information on any active tropical storms or hurricanes and marine weather updates and marine weather alerts. We also post short alerts highlighting any significant changes in regards to development/intensification of tropical systems. These tropical weather updates will also be sent to your e-mail inbox each time I write a discussion.

One On One E-Mail Individualized Weather Support: I will personally answer any questions you may have on how weather may impact your local area.

Advertisement Free Website: Crown Weather Service webpages with a subscription will be advertisement free and donation link free. This way you don’t have to look at all of the ads and donation requests while reading the daily discussions or looking at your local weather information.

Specific Very Localized Weather Pages: These specific local weather pages cover the coastal eastern United States, the Florida Peninsula & Panhandle, the US Gulf coast, the Caribbean and the US Plains States from the Dakotas to Texas.

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Specific Webpages: Each time there is a Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm or a Hurricane is in the Atlantic, Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico, a specific webpage will be setup for that storm. These pages will contain very specific information about a storm, including wind potential, surge potential and local links to follow local news, evacuation orders, etc.

Subscribe To Crown Weather Plus

1 Month – $11.95:

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3 Months – $29:

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6 Months – $59:

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1 Year – $89 (BEST OVERALL VALUE!!):

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LIFETIME – $550 (Lifetime Subscription For The Price Of A 6 Year Subscription):

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We Also Accept Checks & Money Orders As A Method Of Payment For Subscriptions: If you would rather pay for a subscription by check or money order just e-mail me at and I will send you the information needed so that you can pay this way.

Terms Of Service:
The subscription package you select does NOT renew automatically. You will be sent an e-mail when your subscription is about to expire, so that you can go ahead and extend your subscription.

If you would like to cancel your membership before your subscription term is up, just send me an e-mail at Once your subscription is canceled, access to Crown Weather Plus will be shut off at the end of your subscription service period. After the end of the subscription service period, all of your account information will be deleted.