Julia Will Continue To Produce Heavy Rainfall Across Eastern Georgia & Eastern South Carolina From Today To Friday; Invest 95-L Over The Cape Verde Islands In The Eastern Atlantic Is Likely Already A Tropical Depression

Tropical Storm Julia: 8 am EDT/7 am CDT Statistics: Location: 31.2 North Latitude, 81.7 West Longitude or about 10 miles to the west of Brunswick, Georgia. Maximum Winds: 40 mph. Minimum Central Pressure: 1011 Millibars or 29.85 Inches. Forward Movement: North at a forward speed of 7 mph. Julia is currently pushing north-northeastward into southeastern more »

Update On Eastern Florida Disturbance – Low Pressure Near Daytona Beach Could Be Upgraded To Tropical Storm Julia Within The Next Few Hours, So Stay Tuned

Invest 93-L Located Over Eastern Florida Near Daytona Beach: It appears that we have a tropical storm forming over eastern Florida this afternoon as weather observations, satellite imagery and radar loops indicate that a low pressure system (Invest 93-L) is increasing in organization and is now well defined. There is the potential that Invest 93-L more »

Tropical Storm Ian Will Remain Out In The Open Atlantic & Is Of No Threat To Bermuda, The Caribbean Or The U.S.; Invest 93-L Will Bring Locally Heavy Rain & Isolated Severe Weather To Central & North Florida & Southern Georgia Today & Tonight; Invest 95-L In The Eastern Atlantic To Be Watched For Both Development & Future Track

Tropical Storm Ian: 5 am EDT/4 am CDT Statistics: Location: 24.0 North Latitude, 51.7 West Longitude or about 980 miles to the east-southeast of Bermuda. Maximum Winds: 45 mph. Minimum Central Pressure: 1005 Millibars or 29.68 Inches. Forward Movement: North-Northwest at a forward speed of 9 mph. Ian is a strongly sheared tropical storm with more »

Some Development Is Expected From Invest 94-L This Week As It Remains Out In The Open Atlantic; A Tropical Disturbance Will Bring Locally Heavy Rain To The Central & Northwestern Bahamas & Parts Of The Florida Peninsula From Today Through Tuesday

Invest 94-L Located About 900 Miles To The East-Northeast Of The Lesser Antilles: Even though Invest 94-L lacks a well-defined surface circulation, it looks like it is slowly organizing this morning. Given this, I think that we will see this system upgraded to a tropical storm by later today or tonight. Strengthening of this system more »

Strong Shear May Limit The Development From Invest 94-L, Which Is Located 1000 Miles To The East Of The Lesser Antilles; Also Still Watching Invest 93-L Located In The Southeastern Bahamas & Invest 92-L Located In The Southeastern Gulf Of Mexico

Invest 94-L Located About 1000 Miles To The East Of The Lesser Antilles: Invest 94-L, is located about 1000 miles to the east of the Lesser Antilles, is disorganized this morning with a lack of concentrated thunderstorm activity near the center of the low pressure system. The reason why Invest 94-L is not organizing and more »

Saturday Morning Updates On: (1) Invest 93-L Located To The North Of Puerto Rico & Hispaniola, (2) Invest 92-L Located Near The Lower Florida Keys & (3) Invest 94-L Located 1000 Miles To The East Of The Lesser Antilles

Invest 93-L Located To The North Of Puerto Rico & Hispaniola: This is the system I have the most amount of interest in as it could impact parts of eastern Florida as soon as Monday night and Tuesday. Invest 93-L is located just north of Puerto Rico this morning and satellite imagery indicates that it more »

Quick Update On The Tropical Disturbance In The Florida Straits (Now Invest 92-L)

Invest 92-L Located In The Florida Straits: It appears that an area of low pressure, designated Invest 92-L, continues to become better organized this afternoon with thunderstorm activity still occurring on the southeastern side of this system. In addition, indications are that Invest 92-L is producing squalls with wind gusts of 30 to 35 mph more »

We Are Keeping An Eye On Three Tropical Disturbances – (1) Invest 93-L Located Just North Of The Lesser Antilles, (2) An Organizing Low Pressure System Located In The Area Between Andros Island, Southeast Florida & The Northern Coast Of Cuba & (3) Invest 94-L Located 1200 Miles To The East Of The Lesser Antilles

Invest 93-L Located Just North Of The Northern Lesser Antilles: We continue to keep an eye on Invest 93-L, which is located just north of the northern part of the Lesser Antilles. This entire system looks elongated due to westerly wind shear, however, recent satellite imagery indicates that there has been a increase in thunderstorm more »

Two Tropical Disturbances – One Just East Of The Lesser Antilles & The Other In The Eastern Atlantic – Are Being Monitored For Possible Tropical Development

Tropical Disturbance Located About 350 Miles To The East Of The Lesser Antilles (Designated Invest 93-L): A tropical disturbance is located about 350 miles to the east of the Lesser Antilles (near 17 North Latitude, 57 West Longitude). This disturbance is being watched a little more closely because there is a concentrated area of showers more »

There Are A Few Disturbances To Keep An Eye On Across The Atlantic Basin, However, Imminent Tropical Development Is Not Expected

Tropical Disturbance Near The Cape Verde Islands May Develop Slowly Over The Next Several Days: A rather large tropical disturbance is located near the Cape Verde Islands in the easternmost Atlantic this morning. Even though there is a circulation associated with this tropical disturbance, the shower and thunderstorm activity is disorganized and any development of more »

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