Invest 97L Still Not Yet Officially A Tropical Storm, But Is Expected To Become One Sometime Today; Invest 97-L Will Continue To Impact Jamaica & The Cayman Islands Today Through Tonight & Then The Yucatan Peninsula & Belize From Wednesday Afternoon Through Thursday As A Tropical Storm & Possibly A Hurricane

Invest 97-L Located Just South Of Jamaica: Invest 97-L is tracking near Jamaica this morning and it continues to look like a tropical storm when viewing microwave imagery. In addition, this system is bringing tropical storm conditions to parts of Jamaica right now and has already been responsible for the deaths of 6 people in more »

Invest 97L Is Likely A Tropical Storm & Will Impact Jamaica & The Cayman Islands From This Afternoon Into Tuesday As A Tropical Storm & Then The Yucatan Peninsula & Belize On Wednesday Night & Thursday As Possibly A Hurricane

Invest 97-L Located 350 Miles To The East-Southeast Of Kingston, Jamaica: Invest 97-L has become much better organized and in my opinion is already a tropical storm, even though the National Hurricane Center hasn’t initiated advisories on it. Satellite imagery indicates that there is deep thunderstorm activity occurring and in fact this convection has increased more »

Invest 97L Is Expected To Become A Tropical Depression & Probably A Tropical Storm In The Western Caribbean By The Middle Part Of This Week; All Interests From The Western Caribbean To Coastal Parts Of Eastern Mexico & The Lower & Middle Texas Coast Should Closely Monitor The Progress Of Invest 97L

Invest 97-L Moving Across The Lesser Antilles: Invest 97-L is pushing across the Lesser Antilles this morning and is bringing shower and thunderstorm activity from the Lesser Antilles to parts of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Satellite imagery indicates that Invest 97-L continues to become better organized with an increase in convection noted and more »

Invest 97L Is Gradually Organizing As It Approaches The Lesser Antilles; The Western Caribbean & The Southern & Western Gulf Of Mexico Should Closely Monitor The Progress Of Invest 97L

Invest 97-L Located 700 Miles East Of The Lesser Antilles: A tropical wave, designated Invest 97-L, is located about 700 miles to the east of the Lesser Antilles or along the 55 West Longitude line. Invest 97-L continues to race westward at a forward speed of 25 to 30 mph and this fast forward motion more »

Invests 96L & 97L Located Between The Coast Of Africa & The Lesser Antilles Are Being Monitored Closely For Tropical Development

Invest 97-L Located 1200 Miles East Of The Lesser Antilles: A tropical wave located about 1200 miles east of the Lesser Antilles or along the 45 West Longitude line is quickly pushing westward at a forward speed of 25 mph. Satellite imagery this morning indicates that Invest 97-L has seen some increase in shower and more »

Invest 96L In The Far Eastern Atlantic May Develop Into At Least A Tropical Depression By This Weekend; Another Tropical Wave In The Eastern Atlantic Also Has A Chance To Develop Later This Week As It Heads Towards The Northeastern Caribbean

Invest 96-L In The Far Eastern Atlantic: A strong tropical wave is now moving off of the coast of Africa and has been designated Invest 96-L by the National Hurricane Center. This tropical wave is producing a large area of shower and thunderstorm activity along the western coast of Africa with this convection stretching westward more »

Two Tropical Waves Over The Eastern Atlantic Will Be Monitored For Possible Tropical Development In The Coming Days

First item to talk about is an area of showers and thunderstorms over the northwestern Gulf of Mexico just offshore of the Texas and southwestern Louisiana coastline. This convection is being caused by an upper level low pressure system. In addition, it appears that there is also a weak surface low pressure system over the more »

Tropical Wave Over Western Africa To Be Watched Closely This Coming Week & Beyond For Possible Tropical Development

A tropical wave now located over western Africa is expected to push off of the coast of Africa into the eastern Atlantic within the next day or two. This tropical wave is then forecast to push westward across the Atlantic throughout this coming week through next weekend and probably into next week as well. Even more »

Tropical Development Remains Somewhat Possible During The Middle To Late Part Of Next Week Across The Eastern Atlantic

An area of showers and thunderstorms has formed at the tail end of a frontal boundary just southwest of Bermuda. This area of convection is pushing northeastward and I expect this northeastward movement into the open Atlantic to continue throughout this weekend. Wind shear near this convection is between 20 and 30 knots and overall more »

Tropical Development Continues To Look Possible Sometime Next Week Or Next Weekend

Before I get into discussing the possibility for tropical development sometime next week, I wanted to go over quickly what is currently occurring across the Atlantic Basin. A couple of tropical waves that stretch from the western Caribbean into the Bahamas is producing widely scattered shower and thunderstorm activity across the western Bahamas and the more »

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