Two Tropical Depressions Have Formed Today – One, Tropical Depression #8 Between The North Carolina Coast & Bermuda & The Second, Tropical Depression #9 In The Florida Straits

Tropical Depression #9: 5 pm EDT/4 pm CDT Statistics: Location: 23.7 North Latitude, 81.7 West Longitude or about 60 miles to the south of Key West, Florida. Maximum Winds: 35 mph. Minimum Central Pressure: 1009 Millibars or 29.80 Inches. Forward Movement: West at a forward speed of 9 mph. Reconnaissance aircraft investigating Invest 99-L has more »

Everyone Across Florida’s West Coast, The Florida Panhandle, The Alabama & Mississippi Coastline & Southeastern Louisiana Need To Closely Monitor Invest 99-L As It Looks Likely To Develop This Week; We Also Need To Closely Watch A Tropical Disturbance Coming Off Of Africa This Week As It Could Pose A Threat To The Northeastern Caribbean Next Weekend & Also Invest 91-L That May Bring Tropical Storm Conditions To The North Carolina Outer Banks On Tuesday

Invest 99-L Located Near The North Coast Of Central Cuba: Invest 99-L continues to be disorganized this morning with a broad center located by radar and satellite near the north coast of central Cuba. The environmental conditions around Invest 99-L remains unfavorable due to a upper level low pressure system located to the north of more »

Saturday Evening Short Update On Invest 99-L Located In The Central Bahamas

Invest 99-L Located Over The Central Bahamas: There have been some new developments today with Invest 99-L which has prompted me to post this short update for you. The one development that is not different from this morning is that Invest 99-L remains disorganized and the earlier convection that had fired up around it seems more »

We Are Watching Invest 99-L Near The Central Bahamas, Invest 91-L Near Bermuda & A New Tropical Disturbance That Will Move Off Of Africa Next Week

Invest 99-L Located Over The Central Bahamas: Invest 99-L continues to go through a 24 hour oscillation where during the morning hours, the thunderstorm activity suddenly flares up and is very robust for several hours during the daytime hours. This is followed by an almost total collapse of the thunderstorm activity during the evening hours more »

Invest 99-L Weakens Even Further Overnight, However, It Still Needs To Be Watched Closely When It Moves Into The Gulf Of Mexico Early Next Week

Invest 99-L Located Over The Southeastern Bahamas: Invest 99-L is very disorganized this morning and in fact it looks it may have weakened even further overnight as compared to what it looked like yesterday afternoon. Satellite imagery indicates this tropical wave is producing some shower and thunderstorm activity that extends from near Jamaica northeastward to more »

Thursday Afternoon Update On Invest 99-L

Invest 99-L Located Over The Southeastern Bahamas: This afternoon’s update on Invest 99-L has some potentially good news. The center of circulation that is associated with Invest 99-L is fully exposed with no thunderstorm activity nearby. This was actually expected and I am not surprised at all that Invest 99-L looks like this right now. more »

Invest 99-L Continues To Be Close To Becoming A Tropical Storm; The Bahamas, South Florida & The Florida Keys Will First Be Impacted By This System This Weekend Followed By The Central & Eastern US Gulf Coast From Monday To Wednesday

Invest 99-L Located To The North Of The Dominican Republic Near 21.0 North Latitude, 70.5 West Longitude: The thunderstorm activity around Invest 99-L seems to have flared up again this morning. This convective oscillation ranging from increased thunderstorm activity during the late night and morning hours followed by the collapse of thunderstorm activity during the more »

Invest 99-L Is Very Close To Being A Tropical Storm & Continues To Be A Potential Tropical Storm Or Hurricane Threat To The Bahamas, South Florida & The Florida Keys This Weekend & To The US Gulf Coast During The Early To Middle Part Of Next Week

Late Afternoon Update On Invest 99-L: Reconnaissance aircraft investigated Invest 99-L a little earlier today and found that even though this system packs 50 to 60 mph sustained winds, it did not have a well-defined area of circulation. There is a broad area of low pressure just to the northeast of Puerto Rico, however, according more »

Invest 99-L Is Expected To Become Tropical Storm Hermine Either Later Today Or On Thursday; This System Poses A Potential Very Serious Threat To The Bahamas, South Florida & The Florida Keys This Weekend & Especially To The US Gulf Coast Early Next Week

Invest 99-L Located Over The Northern Lesser Antilles: Invest 99-L has become more organized during the overnight hours and it appears that it is either close to, if not already a tropical depression or a tropical storm. Reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate Invest 99-L again to determine whether it is now either a tropical more »

Invest 99-L Expected To Become Tropical Storm Hermine This Weekend & Is A Potential Threat To The Bahamas This Weekend & The Florida Peninsula, The Florida Panhandle & The Alabama & Mississippi Coasts Early Next Week

Invest 99-L Located About 350 Miles To The East-Southeast Of The Lesser Antilles: Even though Invest 99-L continues to be in a environment that consists of dry air nearby, its presentation on satellite imagery has improved this morning and it appears that this system is slowly trying to become better organized. As it stands right more »

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